As life in the 21st century continues to evolve so do the frameworks for what learning looks like and how we share the learning journeys in our schools. Provincially, the Ministry of Education has designed the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL) to provide direction for how we value and develop student success. In Richmond, our Vision, Mission, Values, and our motto “Our Focus is on the Learner” speaks to our attention to students’ intellectual development, human and social development, and career development. As a learning community, we also believe in the importance of supporting the learning of all members of our educational community.


Our task is to educate their (our students’) whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it.

Sir Ken Robinson

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Spirals of Inquiry

Schools participate in an inquiry process, specifically “The Spirals of Inquiry” (Halbert and Kaser, 2010) to incorporate the intentions of the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning which is to improve educational outcomes for students. The Spirals of Inquiry framework is rooted in collaborative inquiry and embeds gathering student voice through the process of asking learners key questions about their learning and feelings of belonging. Schools then develop an inquiry focus central to their school story, determining and undertaking action plans, and checking on whether the focus and actions are making a positive difference for student learning by gathering data throughout the inquiry.


Supporting Innovation and Learning

Throughout the district, schools work together with the Learning and School Services Departments to support implementation of the curriculum and innovative teaching and learning practices. This work is further guided by engaging in inquiry processes that encourage working together to enhance student learning and professional practice.

Areas of Focus

Our district’s focus on Inspired Learners and Equity and Inclusion demonstrate how we support our students’ Intellectual, Human and Social, and Career Development. As we value all learners, we intentionally have a focused lens on Indigenous Learners, Learners in Care, and Students with Diverse Abilities and Disabilities.

BC Ministry of Education