StrongStart BC is a free early learning program for all children aged 0 to 5. Children attend StrongStart with their parent/caregiver. StrongStart Facilitators are ECE-trained school district employees.

The years between birth and school-age are a critical time in a child’s life. The experiences that children have in the early years influence their future health, well-being, and life-long learning. Children who have had exposure to language rich environments and play-based early learning experiences, and are supported by loving and responsive relationships, are more likely to develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions to support their success in school.

We are excited to welcome families at our five centres. Please use the booking site to select the day and site you wish to attend. 

The StrongStart educators will lead a variety of learning activities designed to support children on their learning path before they enter school. Parents and caregivers attending a StrongStart BC Centre will enjoy play activities, circle time and a snack! Programs go outside when possible, so please dress for the weather and for playtime! Adult participation in our StrongStart centres is fundamental to the purpose of the program. So come ready to engage and be an active partner in your child’s learning experience!

To keep our centres' spacious for an optimal learning environment, we ask that only ONE adult attend with their child and to book an appointment in advance. Please limit your attendance to one in-person session per week and to register at no more than two centres.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

For more information contact:
Call: 778-296-4255

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Our StrongStart Centres

Walter Lee StrongStart​

9491 Ash Street

Grauer StrongStart​

4440 Blundell Road

McNeely StrongStart​

12440 Woodhead Road

Thompson StrongStart​

6211 Forsythe Crescent

Woodward StrongStart​

10300 Seacote Road