School Board Office

Richmond School District
7811 Granville Avenue, Richmond BC
V6Y 3E3
Phone: 604-668-6000

​Organizations wishing to distribute materials in Richmond schools, must first submit their request to the School District by completing a Permission to Distribute Application Form.

Staff Directory

  E-Mail Phone
Reception 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
School Registration Inquiries 604.668.6058
Wennie Walker District Administrator, Central Registration and Welcome Centre 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
David Sadler Director, Communications and Marketing 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Continuing Education Inquiries 604.668.6111
Jason Higo District Administrator 604.668.7899
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Frank Geyer Executive Director 604.668.7828
Steve Ahluwalia Project Manager 604.668.7828
Randy Clark Manager, Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance 604.668.7828
Jonathan Ho Manager, Energy and Sustainability 604.668.7828
Kathy Neuman Manager, Facilities Administration 604.668.7828
Jose Pelayo Project Manager 604.668.7828
Cintha Winters Manager, Operations and Rentals 604.668.7828
Kris Wilkins Manager, Maintenance Planning & Improvements 604.668.7828
E-Mail Phone 604.668.3870
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Maria Fu Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 604.668.6033
Pramod Chauhan Manager, Financial Services 604.668.6033
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Health & Safety Inquiries  
Augustus Lee Manager, Health & Safety, Emergency Preparedness 604.668.6000
Hasheel Shah Assistant Manager, Claims & Disability 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Human Resource Inquiries 604.668.6423
Laura Buchanan Executive Director 604.668.6000
Sheri Hoegler Director 604.668.6000
Tanya Major District Administrator 604.668.6000
Lori Campion Senior Manager 604.668.6000
Joanna Ngo Manager 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Rav Johal Director of Instruction 604.668.6000
Catherine Ludwig District Administrator 604.668.6000
Leanne Mccoll District Administrator 604.668.6000
Doug Ratzlaff District Administrator 604.668.6000
Navshina Savory District Administrator 604.668.6000
Braunwyn Thompson Director of Instruction 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Claudia Fong Manager 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Lilian Waiyaki Assistant Manager, Purchasing 604.688.6023
Jeff Jang Assistant Manager, Purchasing 604.668.6100
Name E-Mail Phone
International Education Inquiries 604-668-6217
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Cindy Wang Secretary-Treasurer 604.668.6008
Joyce Coronel Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer 604.668.6008
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Scott Robinson Superintendent 604.668.6081
Rick Ryan Deputy Superintendent 604.668.6081
Christel Brautigam Assistant Superintendent 604.668.6087
Jane MacMillan Assistant Superintendent 604.668.6000
Chris Stanger Assistant Superintendent 604.668.6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Robert Laing Executive Director - Learning and Business Technology 604.668.6088
Roger Corbin Manager, Computing Infrastructure & Data Centre 604.718.5633
Kelly Gibson Manager, Client Services 604.718.5633
Barry Riva Manager, Networks, Telecommunications, Audio-Visual & Security 604.718.5633
Ed Gilchrist Manager, Management Information Services 604.668.6030
Michael Perry-Whittingham District Administrator - MyEd BC 604.668.6000