School Board Office

Richmond School District
7811 Granville Avenue
Richmond, BC
V6Y 3E3
Phone: 604-668-6000

​Organizations wishing to distribute materials in Richmond schools, must first submit their request to the School District by completing a Permission to Distribute Application Form.

Staff Directory

Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Inquiries 604-668-6058
Wennie Walker District Administrator, Central Registration and Welcome Centre 604-668-6000
Huey Wong District Vice-Principal, Welcome Centre 604-668-6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
David Sadler Director, Communications & Marketing 604-668-6000
Evan Cunningham Manager, Communications & Marketing 604-668-6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Inquiries 604-668-6111
Jason Higo District Administrator 604-668-7899
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Kris Wilkins Director 604-668-7828
Randy Clark Manager, Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance 604-668-7828
Steve Jones Manager, Maintenance Planning & Improvements 604-668-7828
Joel Canlas Manager, Transportation, Assets & Safety 604-668-7828
Cintha Winters Manager, Operations and Rentals 604-668-7828
Aries Argao Assistant Manager, Operations & Rentals 604-668-7828
Jonathan Ho Manager, Energy and Sustainability 604-668-7828
Melissa Ang Manager, Facilities Administration 604-668-7828
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Maria Fu Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 604-668-6033
Pramod Chauhan Manager, Financial Services 604-668-6033
Andy Kingsland Manager, Financial Services 604-668-6033
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Augustus Lee Manager, Health & Safety, Emergency Preparedness 604-668-6000
Hasheel Shah Assistant Manager, Claims & Disability 604-668-6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Inquiries 604-668-6423
Chris Stanger Assistant Superintendent – Human Resources 604-668-6000
Sheri Hoegler Director 604-668-6000
Tanya Major District Administrator 604-668-6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Ravinder Johal Director of Instruction 604-668-6000
Braunwyn Thompson Director of Instruction 604-668-6000
Brooke Douglas District Administrator 604-668-6000
Catherine Jule District Administrator 604-668-6000
Leanne Mccoll District Administrator 604-668-6000
Navshina Savory District Administrator 604-668-6000
Sarah Loat District Administrator 604-668-6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Claudia Fong Manager 604-668-6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Jeff Jang Assistant Manager, Purchasing 604-668-6100
Lilian Waiyaki Assistant Manager, Purchasing 604-668-6100
Name Job Title  E-Mail Phone
Inquiries 604-668-6217
Shaun Sephton Director 604-668-6092
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Steve Ahluwalia Director 604-668-6000  
Jose Pelayo  Project Manager   604-668-6000  
Melissa Ang   Manager, Facilities Administration  604-668-6000  
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Cindy Wang Secretary-Treasurer 604-668-6008
Joyce Coronel Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer 604-668-6008
Tiffany Lee Executive Assistant – Senior Leadership & Governance 604-668-4302
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Christopher Usih Superintendent 604-668-6081
Rick Ryan Deputy Superintendent 604-668-6081
Shamirah Khan Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 604-668-6081
Christel Brautigam Assistant Superintendent 604-668-6087
Jane MacMillan Assistant Superintendent 604-668-6000
Maryam Naser Assistant Superintendent 604-668-6000
Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Robert Laing Executive Director - Learning and Business Technology 604-668-6088
Roger Corbin Manager, Computing Infrastructure & Data Centre 604-718-5633
Kelly Gibson Manager, Client Services 604-718-5633
Barry Riva Manager, Networks, Telecommunications, Audio-Visual & Security 604-718-5633
Ed Gilchrist Manager, Management Information Services, Data Analytics and Privacy 604-668-6030
Michael Perry-Whittingham District Administrator - MyEd BC 604-668-6000
Manjeet Toor  Manager, Cybersecurity and Data Centre 604-718-5633
Andrew Jang Manager, Projects and Application Development 604-668-6000