Published: Jun 13, 2022

The Diversity and Antiracism Working Group would like to extend huge thanks and gratitude to those who were connected to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion audit conducted in June, 2021 through sharing personal accounts in focus groups, participating in surveys, communicating via email, and advocating for the progression of an equitable and antiracist school district.
The Diversity and Antiracism Working Group Report outlines recommendations based on what was heard via the audit process with external consultants from Bakau Consulting. This audit asked members of all of our partner groups in SD38 to share, on a volunteer basis, experiences related to racism and other forms of marginalization as part of the Board of Education’s mandate for the Diversity and Antiracism Working Group. Details of the audit process can be found in the Bakau Consulting Report.
We acknowledge that this kind of advocacy and participation requires vulnerability and courage, particularly for BIPOC and marginalized members of our community. We hope that those who shared their stories, thoughts and opinions see their sentiments reflected here.
The findings of the report lead to the recommendations put forward by the Diversity and Antiracism Working Group and were approved by the Board of Education at its public meeting on April 27, 2022. The Richmond School District is committed to this work through these priorities as well as through Strategic Priority 2 of the District’s Strategic plan, linked here for reference.
In September a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee will begin the work of implementing the recommendations from the Diversity and Antiracism Working Group. The DEI Advisory Committee includes Trustees, Senior Staff and representatives from all partner groups which include: CUPE, RTA, RASA, RMAPS, RDPA and Students.
If you have any feedback or questions about this work please contact:
Regular updates on the DEI Advisory Committee’s work will be provided to the public throughout the upcoming school year.