Equity and inclusion are foundational to learning and leading, and are critical to success, wellbeing, and fulfillment. It is our mission to ensure that all of our students, families, and staff feel welcomed, are treated respectfully, and have a sense of belonging. We acknowledge our responsibility to support all learners so they may successfully complete their education with a sense of dignity, purpose, and options.

Equity and Inclusion

Goal 1

District learning environments are equitable and inclusive.


  1. Support all learners to develop a sense of connection, belonging and positive personal and cultural identity.
  2. Provide equitable and inclusive learning opportunities for all learners.
  3. Devote focused attention and specialized support to address the individualized needs of learners with disabilities and diverse abilities.
  4. Actively address and support the unique needs of children and youth in care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development.
  5. Provide support for staff to increase understanding of and embed evidence-based practices related to the implementation of inclusive learning communities.
  6. Develop and implement initiatives to support equitable access to technology.

Goal 2

The district actively addresses unconscious bias and privilege, systemic discrimination and marginalization based on factors such as ability, colour, cultural identity, gender, gender identity, Indigeneity, political beliefs, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and socio-economic status.


  1. Identify and develop a plan to respond to current district challenges related to systemic discrimination and marginalization.
  2. Enhance awareness and understanding of unconscious bias and privilege and how they influence interactions throughout our learning community.
  3. Support students and staff to develop a deeper understanding of the history and impacts of systemic discrimination.
  4. Ensure students and staff have access to current and relevant learning resources that reflect the diversity of, and the challenges faced by our community and the world.