Our Strategic Priorities

Through comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement and consultation, five priorities were identified as requiring the attention of the board and the district over the next five years. All goals, objectives and actions articulated in the plan address these strategic priorities.

Our Strategic Priorities
Inspired Learners
We are all learners—our students and parents, our staff, our community partners. We will provide welcoming and engaging school environments where all can thrive. We aim to inspire everyone in our educational community to be lifelong learners.
Equity and Inclusion
Equity and inclusion are foundational to learning and leading, and are critical to success, wellbeing, and fulfillment. It is our mission to ensure that all of our students, families, and staff feel welcomed, are treated respectfully, and have a sense of belonging. We acknowledge our responsibility to support all learners so they may successfully complete their education with a sense of dignity, purpose, and options.
Optimized Facilities and Technology
We will optimize and improve our facilities and our technology to provide a learning environment that is safe, secure, accessible and inspires innovation and creativity.
A Progressive Workplace
We will attract and retain the best people by promoting and supporting the health and wellness and professional development of our workforce. We will raise awareness of the Richmond School District as an employer of choice, and as the best place to learn and to lead.
A Connected Learning Community
Communication and collaboration are crucial within our district, within our schools, and with our partners and communities. We will model collaboration and put in place the opportunities, tools and techniques needed for our communities to connect and to work together.