Our Vision, Mission and Values

The Board of Education recognizes the power of the vision, mission and values statements in transforming learning, leading and teaching in the Richmond School District. As a result of our shared commitment, implementation of the vision, mission and values shall be the joint responsibility of the board, students and staff.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


The Richmond School District is the best place to learn and lead.

Our vision is one that is held by every member of our learning community – our students and parents, staff and our community partners. It drives us to constantly strive for excellence. It leads us to see potential in all and to ensure a positive, engaging and inspirational learning environment filled with potential and possibilities. We are proud of the education we provide, and we encourage all members of the district to be both learners and leaders.


The Richmond School District's mission is to cultivate a safe, accepting and engaging community that inspires a passion for lifelong learning.

Safety, acceptance and engagement are fundamental to the Richmond School District, and are the foundation of what we model, teach and do to ensure the development of lifelong learners and leaders. It is our responsibility to ensure that all of our students and staff enjoy and benefit from their time with us and are supported to reach their full potential.


The values that guide our work together to achieve our vision and mission are: collaboration, creativity, curiosity, resilience, respect and equity for all.

These values guide our operations and form the culture of our schools and workplaces. By upholding them, we continually strive for an environment that supports all to achieve their full potential. The values are reflected in the work we do and serve as a standard for how we individually and collectively interact within our schools, the district and the community.


We believe respect is the foundation of a safe, accepting and engaged environment. It is expected and encouraged from all members of our learning community. It defines how we lead, teach and learn.


We work collaboratively not only within our schools, but with the whole community. We accept challenges, solve problems and celebrate successes together. We foster an understanding of the importance of, and a desire for, cooperation and collegiality.


We are innovative in our approaches, and value and encourage all to challenge and trust their imaginations and to be resourceful and inventive. We support creativity in teaching, learning and leadership development. We know and teach that creativity is essential in a rapidly changing world, and is required to navigate and thrive in life and within our global economy.


We provide an environment where questions and self-expression are encouraged and are received without judgement. We value wonder and inquisitiveness because these qualities position both students and staff to gain the knowledge, experiences and relationships that make for happy and productive lives.


We encourage and support our students and staff to persevere through setbacks, rise to challenges and take risks. We work to develop resilience within our community and provide support and tools to manage and overcome difficulties. In doing so, we are building the confidence needed to explore, expand and take chances, and to accept setbacks and mistakes as opportunities.


We understand and appreciate the tremendous diversity of our learning community, and the value and richness this diversity affords us. We know that individual and diverse needs require careful attention and distinct approaches. We work to ensure that everyone’s needs are recognized and addressed respectfully and fairly. In doing so, we continually aim to provide the supports and opportunities individuals require to achieve their fullest potential.