We are all learners — our students and parents, our staff and our community partners. We will provide welcoming and engaging school environments where all can thrive. We aim to inspire everyone in our educational community to be lifelong learners.

Inspired Learners

Goal 1

Learners have increased capacity to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.


  1. Deepen and support learners’ abilities to reflect and set goals related to curricular and core competencies.
  2. Support educators to deepen their understanding and effective implementation of the curriculum.
  3. Design and offer a variety of learning options to meet the evolving and diverse needs of learners.
  4. Strengthen learning by fully embedding formative assessment practices that involve both students and adults.
  5. Create more opportunities for learner involvement in activities that raise awareness of, and increase engagement in, global citizenry and environmental stewardship.
  6. Provide tools, technologies and practices to increase learner engagement and agency.
  7. Support and increase the use of inquiry-based activities and processes to enhance and personalize learning.

Goal 2

The district fosters resilient and healthy life-long learners.


  1. Build learners’ awareness of, and engagement with, the core competencies.
  2. Provide a wider range of mental and physical health programs and supports for student and staff well-being, including ongoing supports and partnerships outside the district.
  3. Increase awareness of, and participation in, healthy living activities.

Goal 3

Indigenous Peoples' history, perspectives, and learning approaches are embedded within district planning and practices.


  1. Honour and implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls to action related to education.
  2. Deepen understanding of and embed the First Peoples' Principles of Learning.

  3. Increase access to authentic learning opportunities and resources to enhance understanding of Indigenous Peoples' culture and history.

Goal 4

The district builds literacy, numeracy and digital literacy through innovation and a commonly held vision.


  1. Develop and implement a K-12 literacy vision and framework.
  2. Develop and implement a K-12 numeracy vision and framework.
  3. Support, develop and deepen students’ and staffs’ understanding of digital literacy and its integrated implementation.