The Blended Learning program (RVSBL) hosted through Richmond Virtual School is available for kindergarten to Grade 9 students. This program provides a flexible learning environment that blends online remote learning with in-person learning. Incorporating an in-person learning component has been a pillar of the Richmond Virtual School since inception in 2007, and has contributed to the above provincial average student success rate. 

The RVSBL program will engage students in a combination of self-directed learning and teacher-led instruction to meet the goals of their Student Learning Plan.  During the remote learning time, students will be engaged in both synchronous class instruction through videoconferencing, and self-directed independent learning activities supported by a home facilitator.

The in-person component will emphasize collaborative learning and will help to address the social-emotional and hands-on learning activities that cannot be provided in an online learning environment.  This in-person connection will foster greater community between students and staff. The in-person time may also be used to gather authentic assessment information. 

Blended schedule for in-person learning and self-directed online learning:


In-person learning

Self-directed online learning

Kindergarten to Grade 7

One full day per week

Four days per week

Families interested in enrolling their Grade 8 and 9 students should contact us directly for more information (604-668-6371). Students enrolled in the RVS Blended Learning program will be full-time students at Richmond Virtual School and will not retain space in their catchment school.