School Liason

  • Steveston-London Secondary
  • Blundell Elementary
  • Diefenbaker Elementary
  • Errington Elementary
  • Maple Lane Elementary
  • McKinney Elementary
  • Wowk Elementary

Rod is a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers. He practiced law in the Philippines before immigrating to Canada in 1980.

Rod has been a trustee of the Richmond Board of Education for six years and has served on various board committees. In addition, he helped the district establish the Audit Committee. This committee assists the board with financial reporting, information systems, risk management, internal and external audits, and the budget process. He advocated and supported students in need, especially those who were negatively impacted by child poverty.   
Rod has dedicated his time to community service for over 30 years. He has served on the Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee, the Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee, the Richmond Family and Youth Court Committee, the East Richmond Community Association, the Richmond Multicultural Community Society, the Richmond Bayanihan Society, the AMSSA, the Rotary Club, the Knights of Columbus, the Jaycees, and various Filipino Canadian Associations.

A strong community leader, Rod has demonstrated his leadership, commitment, and professionalism in promoting inclusion, service, multicultural harmony, and integration in our schools and community. To acknowledge his leadership and contribution to the community, the Philippine Asian News and the Filipino Canadian Business Directory awarded Rod for his outstanding community service.

Rod believes in enabling our children’s potential by providing them with the best education. His mission is to ensure that the Richmond Board of Education provides the leadership and vision necessary to deliver the highest quality education for all our children.

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