The Aboriginal Success Team's purpose is to build bridges of understanding across the diverse cultures in Richmond by working directly with students with Indigenous Ancestry and by supporting classrooms and teachers with Indigenous content. Services vary based on individual needs and are designed with each child's interests and strengths in mind. Aboriginal Education in Richmond is guided by the community-developed goals in the Enhancement Agreement.


Aboriginal Student Success Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Community gatherings and feasts to highlight student achievements and bring the Richmond community together 

  • Field studies and workshops to build connections and enrich cultural understandings 

  • Leadership / volunteer opportunities within and outside the school organization
  • Planning for grade-to-grade and elementary to secondary transitions
  • Planning for post-secondary transitions including applications to institutions and scholarship information 

  • Additional student advocacy during times of change and/or challenge 
  • Curriculum integration through consultation and teacher education that enriches the educational experience for all students
  • Consultation and professional learning opportunities for Educators to integrate Indigenous content, knowledge, and perspectives


Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement

An Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement (AEEA) is a commitment made by a school district, local Aboriginal communities, and the Ministry of Education, to work together to improve the success of all Aboriginal students.  The Richmond School District signed its first AEEA  in June of 2011 for a five year term.  After 5 years of working with and gathering data about the efficacy of this Agreement, and collaborating with our educational partners, the Richmond School District has developed its second AEAA, which was signed on February 7, 2017.

The Richmond School District recognizes the power of a shared responsibility for Aboriginal learners, and endeavour to see all our Aboriginal learners graduate with dignity, purpose, and options.  We believe that education that honours the histories, worldviews, and perspectives of First Peoples is good for all students in our district, and is key to a reconciled relationship with First Peoples in Canada.

Our 4 goals are:

  • Increased positive identity and sense of belonging for all Aboriginal learners;
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal histories, cultures, and worldviews, beginning with our local First Peoples, for all learners
  • Increased educational opportunities that honour the First Peoples Principles of Learning for all learners
  • Increased holistic wellness and achievement for all Aboriginal learners.
Aboriginal Education collage