Published: May 23, 2024

As part of Strategic Priority 5, the Richmond Board of Education is deeply committed to supporting a connected learning community where our students' voices are not just encouraged but embedded in our educational endeavors.
In this video, we highlight the Richmond School District's Student Voice Forum. This year, students were directly involved in the planning process. They collaborated closely with district staff to design a day specifically tailored for students by students. Their valuable input was instrumental in shaping the event and helped ensure that it resonated deeply with their peers.
On the day of the event, interactive group sessions were led by adult facilitators, who created a supportive environment for meaningful discussions. Trustees from the Board of Education were also in attendance, eager to listen directly to the students' perspectives and engage in conversations about their experiences and ideas.
Join us in watching this video as we explore how the Student Voice Forum empowers our students, nurtures leadership skills and strengthens our commitment to providing the best education for every learner.