Published: Apr 2, 2024

Around the district is a monthly update that includes a collection of stories from Richmond schools. These stories highlight Richmond's vibrant learning community, which fosters student engagement, creativity, and well-being in inclusive learning environments.

In partnership with Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Department of Sustainable Agriculture, students embarked on an immersive journey into sustainable farming and gardening practices at the Garden City Lands. Under the guidance of dedicated teachers, they explored various aspects of sustainable agriculture through hands-on, experiential learning.

Active participation defined their days as they constructed dome structures using willow and dogwood branches, embracing traditional techniques while deepening their connection to nature. Their craftsmanship shone as they wove garden fencing with willow, contributing to the garden's overall sustainability.

Beyond construction, students played a pivotal role in preparing garden beds for planting, gaining insights into soil health and cultivation practices. This collaborative project not only equipped them with practical skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for the principles of sustainability. Their experiences stand as a powerful illustration of the importance of environmental stewardship in shaping a more sustainable future.

Cultivating Sustainability

A group of Grade 12 secondary students recently unveiled the results of their year-long Career Life Connections (CLC) projects during a dynamic capstone project showcase. These students demonstrated their passion and dedication through their work, which included artistic projects, digital media explorations and scientific research.

Embedded within BC's career education program, the CLC course equips students with essential skills and insights into potential career pathways. Throughout the school year, students collaborated, exchanged ideas, discussed strategies, and shared knowledge to enrich their capstone projects.

In addition to celebrating individual achievements, the showcase highlighted the long-term benefits of their projects. By immersing themselves in authentic, real-world experiences, the students demonstrated their readiness for future endeavours, and strengthened their foundations for success in their chosen career paths.

Capstone Showcase

Elementary students recently enjoyed a unique opportunity to meet Emily Seo, the celebrated author of “The Science of Boys,” during her special visit to their school. As both a chemist and author, Emily excels at blending scientific ideas within her narratives, making complex concepts accessible and engaging for young minds. Her book, acclaimed for its innovative approach, was chosen as one of the school’s reader’s choice nominees for 2024.

Emily’s visit served as more than just an author meet-and-greet; it was a source of inspiration, encouraging students to see the beauty in learning. Through her expertise and enthusiastic approach, Emily instilled in the students a profound appreciation for the magic that happens when science meets story, urging them to pursue their educational paths with open minds and adventurous spirits.

Author Visit

During March, students actively engaged in nurturing a Miyawaki forest as part of their environmental education studies.

Guided by their teachers, students documented the growth of various plant species within the forest. Through hands-on activities like measuring and photographing plants, they gained insights into ecosystem dynamics and plant biology.

Their recent discovery of a budding Hooker’s Willow in the Miyawaki forest sparked excitement among the students. This enchanting sight provided a wonderful opportunity for students to witness and appreciate nature's wonders up close.

As the Miyawaki forest thrives, it serves as a living laboratory for students to explore ecological principles and witness the impact of their conservation efforts firsthand. Through this project, students not only contributed to environmental preservation but also developed vital skills in observation, data collection and stewardship.

Miyawaki Forest

A group of elementary students embarked on a musical journey as they learned the fundamentals of ukulele playing. They began with familiarizing themselves with the instrument's anatomy and the essential chords like C, F, Am and G. With tools like UkeBuddy, they learned to tune their instruments, and strive for pitch-perfect melodies.

As their confidence grew, these budding musicians moved from playing simple, well-loved tunes to tackling more sophisticated pieces. Collaborative jam sessions became a playground for creativity, where they experimented with chord progressions and melodies, ultimately composing original works that highlighted their musical talents.

Throughout their ukulele journey, the students improved their musical abilities and developed essential life skills. They learned to work together, think creatively, and express themselves more confidently. These experiences are invaluable and extend beyond music into their everyday lives and future endeavours.

Ukulele Lesson

The Maker's Market buzzed with creativity and community spirit, drawing participation from students, staff and families alike. From handcrafted treasures to mouth-watering treats, the event showcased the incredible talent within the school community.

Amidst the bustling market, students proudly exhibited their creations, ranging from intricate crafts to tempting goodies. Yet, the Maker's Market was more than just a display — it was a launchpad for budding entrepreneurs, offering students hands-on experience in product development, marketing and sales.

Families also had an opportunity to explore the school's dynamic learning environment, from the newly renovated library to the innovative Applied Design, Skills, and Technology (ADST) Curriculum. Interactive displays and engaging sessions provided a glimpse into the rich educational experience within the school.

Thanks to the unwavering support of everyone involved, including dedicated parent volunteers, the event raised nearly $1,900 for the school’s new mural project. The mural will not only add to the school's aesthetic, but will also symbolize the collaborative spirit and generosity that defines the school community.

Maker's Market

High school students from across the Lower Mainland recently ignited the dance floor at two Richmond schools and injected a surge of energy into the local dance scene.

The 16th annual Footloose hip hop dance competition set the stage for an impressive display of school spirit and dance talent. Competitors from various schools took pride in their performances, demonstrating a wide range of skills and creativity. Their routines, marked by both passion and precision, left a lasting impact on all who watched.

Following the adrenaline rush of Footloose, dancers leaped into the electrifying atmosphere of the 11th annual Notorious hip hop dance competition. Amidst the pulsating beats, students unleashed their creativity, battling it out to their music and choreography. Despite fierce competition, Richmond’s high school teams delivered extraordinary performances, captivating the audience with their heart and soul.

These competitions were more than just stages for the students to shine. Through rigorous training, they learned teamwork, discipline and perseverance, equipping them with the confidence and resilience needed for success in both artistic and academic pursuits.

Dance Competitions