Published: Oct 3, 2022

The Richmond Board of Education and its stakeholders fully support the Minister of Education and Child Care's joint K-12 education partners' statement in support of SOGI.

Further, the Board of Education and its stakeholders re-affirm the district's commitment as stated in Board Policy 106: " ... to ensure that every individual is treated with fairness, respect and dignity .... and to encourage a climate of welcome, respect, and support for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and the challenges they often encounter in being accepted and fully included in the life of the school community."

Our district Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Policy, Regulations and Guidelines, adopted in 2018, are intended to ensure our schools provide supportive and respectful learning environments, in alignment with the BC Human Rights Code, and the mandate provided by the Ministry of Education and Child Care. The board is also committed to the ongoing work of the district SOGI Advisory Committee, which has been mandated by the board to guide and support the implementation of our district's SOGI policy.

The Richmond Board of Education and its stakeholder groups firmly believe that Richmond students, staff and families deserve to feel safe and accepted for who they are and deserve to learn and work in an environment free of discrimination. 

Sandra Nixon
On Behalf of the Board of Education 

Liz Baverstock
, Richmond Teachers' Association

Ian Hillman
President, CUPE Local 716

Mike Murray
, Richmond Association of School Administrators

Andrew Scallion
Richmond District Parents Association

Kelly Gibson
, Richmond Management & Professional Staff