Vice Chairperson

School Liason

  • McMath Secondary
  • McNair Secondary
  • Byng Elementary
  • Homma Elementary
  • Kidd Elementary
  • Westwind Elementary
  • Woodward Elementary

Ken has lived in Richmond for over 60 years and graduated from James Gilmore Elementary, Hugh Boyd Jr. High, and Steveston Sr. High. Ken and his wife Mette have two sons, Trevor and Jeremy, who graduated from the Richmond school system. Ken is grateful for the schooling that he and his kids have received. He credits their teachers and schools for teaching them not only academic skills - but also social and life skills that have helped prepare them for life after Grade 12.

Upon graduation, Ken earned a Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation and a Bachelor's degree in Arts (majoring in psychology). During this time, Ken began working with children with autism.  Now in his 40th year in the field, Ken has been running a private consulting service for 25 years.

Now entering his third term as a trustee, Ken looks forward to supporting Richmond students, families, and schools. Given the challenges of the past couple of years, he believes that it is important that we not overlook the many successes that our district has enjoyed. The students, teachers, administration, and support staff have all worked hard toward making school a positive and successful place to learn and work. Ken looks forward to working with everyone over the next four years.

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