Donna Sargent has been a resident of Richmond for over 25 years and has been actively involved with the Richmond School District since 1991. Donna has been married for 30 years and has two children Jenny and Greg. Donna and her husband, Chris love living in a city that is safe, fun and friendly.

Donna ran for office of School Trustee because she believes in public education. She believes that every child in Richmond is entitled to the very best education possible. Donna believes passionately a strong, democratic society needs a strong, vibrant and respected public education system. She believes that investments in public education are essential to secure future economic prosperity and creates our communityís leaders of tomorrow.

Donna has been a dedicated advocate and has worked tirelessly to ensure such a system. She believes working very closely through meaningful involvement with stakeholder partners is the key to that success. By bringing the communityís voice to the decision making table she believes will ensure the system you create is what your community wants.

Donna has completed her fourth term as School Trustee and her extensive track record has given her a reputation of being a hard working, principle-centered and trustworthy team player. Some of her involvement includes Chairperson of the Board of Education, Personal and Finance Committee, Chairperson of the Council Board Liaison Committee, Special Purpose Task Force on land issues, Career Development Advisory Committee, City of Richmondís Sister City Committee, Richmond Substance Abuse Task Force, Traffic Safety Advisory Committee to name a few.

Donna has also been very active with the British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA). She chaired the Metro Branch, worked on many committees and was recently elected as a Director on the BCSTA Board. She believes that with her knowledge and experience she can contribute to making a difference at a provincial level as well.

Donna believes more than ever that the school district needs strong, hardworking, caring leadership; leadership that has a balanced view and makes decisions that are best for children.​

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