Richmond Virtual School is offering Grade 8 and 9 students a full year distributed learning program for the 2021-2022 school year. This program is designed to meet BC Ministry of Education requirements and to give students educational experiences that will keep them on track towards a Dogwood graduation diploma.

Success in a distributed learning program requires a commitment and partnership between the student, parent/guardian, and teacher. While there is some teacher support provided, the distributed learning program is independent in nature and does not mirror the in-class learning model. A home facilitator needs to have time to support the child’s learning. Please review the responsibilities chart which outlines the responsibilities of the student, parent/guardian and teacher.

Program Instructional Model

  • Students who register for this program will enrol in the following eight courses:
    • English Language Arts 8 or 9
    • Social Studies 8 or 9
    • Mathematics 8 or 9
    • Science 8 or 9
    • Physical and Health Education 8 or 9
    • French 8 or 9
    • Applied Design, Skills and Technologies 8 or 9
    • Fine Arts 8 or 9
      *Career education will be integrated into these courses.
  • All students would take the same eight courses (listed above). No other courses will be offered, and therefore, there is no French Immersion or ELL Level 1 (beginning) and 2 (developing) programs.
  • Courses will be organized in a semester schedule, with four courses offered each semester.
  • Courses would be facilitated by a Richmond Virtual School teacher.
  • A home facilitator (most often a parent, guardian or family member) must be available and prepared to support the student on a daily basis with their learning at home.
  • Curriculum content and lessons will be a combination of self-directed learning and teacher led instruction delivered via an online learning platform.
  • Students will be required to participate in scheduled in-person meetings (approximately one per week) for the purpose of completing assessments or specific learning activities (science labs, etc.). These in-person meetings will be held at a secondary school in Richmond and will be scheduled outside of virtual class time, including after regular school hours until 5:00 p.m.
  • Learning support will be provided to students as required, including English Language Learners Levels 3, 4 and 5 (expanding, consolidating, bridging) and those with an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Families are encouraged to review a sample schedule for the secondary distributed learning program.


Responsibilities Chart

Sample Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Information Session Presentation Slides



Have a question?

Families are welcome to submit questions regarding distributed learning. The district will collate all questions and provide responses as soon as possible.