Richmond Virtual School is offering Kindergarten to Grade 7 students a full year distributed learning program for the 2021-2022 school year. In a distributed learning program, students connect with their distributed learning teacher from home and work towards meeting the goals of their educational program as outlined in their learning plan created by the teacher. This program is designed to meet BC Ministry of Education requirements and to give students a broad range of educational experiences.

Success in a distributed learning program requires a commitment and partnership between the student, parent/guardian, and teacher. While there is some teacher support provided, the distributed learning program is independent in nature and does not mirror the in-class learning model. A home facilitator needs to have time to support the child’s learning. For very young students, this may mean the home facilitator works alongside the student for a large portion of the day. Please review the responsibilities chart which outlines the responsibilities of the student, parent/guardian and teacher.

Program Instructional Model

  • Course content will follow the BC curriculum for Grades K-7.
  • An online learning management system will be utilized to deliver course content and assess student work.
  • Curriculum content and lessons will be a combination of self-directed learning and teacher led instruction.
  • There will be regular communication with families and students via email, phone, videoconferencing and messaging.
  • Student learning plans will becreated by the teacher in consultation with families.
  • Learning support and English Language Learner support will be provided to students as required, including English Language Learners and those with an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  • A home facilitator (most often a parent, guardian or family member) must be available and prepared to support the student on a daily basis with their learning at home.
  • There is no French Immersion or Montessori option.

Families are encouraged to review a sample schedule for the elementary distributed learning program.


Responsibilities Chart

Sample Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Information Session Presentation Slides



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Families are welcome to submit questions regarding distributed learning. The district will collate all questions and provide responses as soon as possible.