Gingerbread 2
Published: Dec 17, 2020

Around the district is a monthly update that includes a collection of stories from Richmond schools. These stories highlight Richmond's vibrant learning community which fosters student engagement, creativity, and well-being in inclusive learning environments.

Gingerbread Village at Byng Elementary

Making Gingerbread Houses using graham wafers on milk cartons has been a long-standing tradition at Byng Elementary for over 25 years where Grade 1 and 2 students are encouraged to use the core competencies of creative thinking, critical thinking and communication to design patterns and share ideas with each other. Students brought their individual houses together and created a Gingerbread Village with snow and lights to complete the project.  

Learning About Winter Celebrations and Traditions

December is a month with of many holidays and traditions – not just Christmas. At Byng Elementary, Grade 2 and 3 students explored the meaning behind a variety of holidays with the help of books and artifacts from the school library. Students eagerly shared what they learned about how different cultures celebrate their holidays. 


First Responders at Cambie Secondary

20 students at Cambie secondary are now certified first responders after successfully completing the school’s new medical science program, through which they earn two certificates under the Canadian Red Cross, standard first aid and CPR-C and first responder certification.

The new medical science program, for Grade 11 and 12 students, was launched in September.  Through the program, students learn hands-on how to check blood-glucose levels, how to use a pulse oximeter to check someone’s oxygen saturation level and then administer oxygen, and how to administer certain drugs, such as epi-pens or asthma medication.  This new program has been very well-received and has been attracting some very positive media attention. 


Richmond High School Students Work Together to Raise Funds for the Food Bank

This holiday season, the McRoberts secondary student council created a district-wide initiative that has all 10 Richmond School District high schools working together to raise funds for the Richmond Food Bank. From Dec 7- Dec 18, high schools will be collecting physical donations of non-perishable items, as well as cash donations through the SchoolCashOnline website. The fundraising goal for each school is $1,000. 


Remote Transitional Learning Students Make Bird Feeders

Five Grade 9 transitional learning students recently met in person and made bird feeders in their science class. It was the first-time these students had attended in-person learning since September. Before meeting in class, the students met online to discuss the project, and what would be needed to make it successful.

Coming together as a group, the students learned many things from the experience such as how to reduce waste by reusing materials, how to problem solve using critical thinking skills, and what kinds of local wildlife live in Richmond. 


Kindness Calendars at Homma Elementary

Grade 6/7 EFI students at Homma recently created ‘24 Random Acts of Kindness’ calendars for the month of December. This assignment is embedded within the classrooms focus on community building. Through this project, students were encouraged to recognize the importance and impact of spreading kindness through simple, genuine acts.


Holiday Windows at Mitchell Elementary

In December, students and staff at Mitchell wanted to build connection and community through their Holiday Window Walk. Classes were encouraged to decorate their windows in a Winter/Holiday theme and then the teachers scheduled different times for classes to "tour" the windows and vote on their favourite.  


Virtual Winter Music Concert at Richmond Secondary

This year, Richmond Secondary’s Winter Concert has been transformed into a virtual event. Parents, students, friends and community members were invited to watch the Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 8. Watched by over 300 viewers, this first-ever virtual concert featured a wide range of classic, pop and holiday music performed by talented student musicians. The school community spent a great amount of time coordinating the video production so that everyone was able to enjoy these performances from the safety and comfort of their home.   


Winter Concert at Lee Elementary

Staff and students at Lee Elementary are working extremely hard to prepare for their Winter Concert. Despite the pandemic, students and staff are learning new technologies, thinking outside of the box, and making sure to keep music in the community! Every day the sound of holiday music can be heard in the halls as students practice their songs. All divisions from the school are participating, and the school band teacher is also spending additional time providing virtual lessons to transitional students to ensure that they can be part of the experience too. The concert will be shared to the whole school community on Thursday, December 17.