Mask making
Published: Dec 11, 2020

In the midst of the holiday season, a group of high school students at McMath Secondary are busy making fabric masks and travel bags in their textile class. This project is helping students develop their sewing skills, while also fostering their creativity and passion for recycling.

“This year, the textile projects in our school are focused on the theme of recycling. I’m very happy that my students are becoming aware of the environmental issues in the clothing industry, and that they are passionate about transforming old things into new things!” said Ms. Akiko Kato, the textile class teacher at McMath Secondary. “Instead of buying new fabrics, most students have brought scrap fabrics from home.” 

During the mask making process, students also learned about the benefits of wearing face masks in shared spaces, and how to wear their masks properly. Some students even said that they are going to make more masks over the break and give them to their parents and siblings as gifts.