Students from the Palmer Secondary choir sing together in recognition of Remembrance Day 2020"
Published: Nov 9, 2020

“As with many events in 2020, Remembrance Day ceremonies are going to look and feel a little different. This year, students and staff at our schools have been busy planning virtual ceremonies to honour this important day. This includes presentations in the form of film, poems, art, and music, to name a few. On November 11, we encourage all members of our community to pause in remembrance for the people who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace,” 

- Scott Robinson, Superintendent of Schools

Schools throughout the district will be hosting celebrations this week to commemorate this important day. One example of what is happening in Richmond schools is the virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony at Palmer Secondary School.

Virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony at Palmer Secondary

On Tuesday, November 10, students and families at Palmer Secondary will be joining a virtual Remembrance Day ceremony, during which a pre-recorded video will be streamed into each individual classroom.

“This is the first-ever virtual Remembrance Day Commemoration in our school history. Staff and students have made a concerted effort to create a virtual assembly as impactful and meaningful as every year prior,” said Ashley Van Kralingen, a teacher at Palmer Secondary School.

Staff and students worked tirelessly through the month of October to film content for the virtual ceremony. A variety of presentations were created to the theme of perseverance, including speeches from Palmer Secondary School principal Navshina Savory and veteran Mr. Matthew McBride. Additionally, the virtually ceremony includes commemorative music performed by the school’s choir and band, along with a special shadow dance performed by drama class.

“Perseverance is a beautiful theme for all of us to live by. We have seen our perseverance throughout our history and in our present day with the challenges of living with Covid-19. We chose this theme to encourage everyone to maintain their optimism. Together, we can make choices that create a better world,” said Palmer Secondary School principal Navshina Savory.  

Remembrance Day Service in Richmond

The City of Richmond will host an online Remembrance Day service this year.

The 2020 Remembrance Day service will be broadcast online on Wednesday, November 11 starting at 10:30 a.m. The Richmond Remembrance Day Committee asks that the public refrain from gathering at City Hall this year, and Remember In Place from wherever you are at 11:00 a.m.

Access to the live broadcast of the closed ceremony will be available on the City’s website



2020年的许多活动一样,国殇日纪念日仪式的形式和感觉也将有所不同。 今年,为了纪念这个重要的日子,我们学校的学生和教职员工一直忙着筹备虚拟形式的纪念日典礼。 这些典礼将包括电影、诗歌、艺术和音乐等形式的表演。 1111日,我们鼓励社区中的所有成员,静默片刻以纪念那些在战争、冲突与和平时期,曾经和继续为我们国家服务的人们。

-- Scott Robinson,教育局长









今年,列治文市将举办在线形式的纪念日服务。 2020年纪念日服务在线仪式将于1111日(星期三)上午10:30开始播放。列治文纪念日委员会要求公众今年不要在市政厅聚会,上午11点请大家原地就位纪念。