Halloween event
Published: Oct 30, 2020

“There is something very special for children to look out at their own school field and see it covered with pumpkins,“ said Hamilton Elementary School principal Mark McCallum.

With field trips being cancelled this year due to the pandemic, the school community decided to bring the pumpkin patch to the school. On Friday morning, over 300 pumpkins made the journey from Westham Pumpkin & Herb Farm in Delta to an empty field in East Richmond. 

In the midst of a very challenging year, staff have searched for ways to bring a sense of joy and normalcy to their students. “Now more than ever, it is important to teach children to find silver linings during the global pandemic and to develop and maintain resiliency,” said Mr. McCallum.

As this is an outdoor event and the school grounds at Hamilton are very large, staff were able to plan the event with the utmost safety in mind. This event is all about being safe and having fun. The field will be divided into two sections based on the outdoor play groups, while all proper health and safety protocols such as physical distancing, use of face masks, and hand washing will be implemented.

“If we can't guarantee Hamilton students will have the same Halloween as they normally would, this year, we can bring some Halloween memories to Hamilton,” said Mr. McCallum.






因为活动在户外进行,汉密尔顿小学的校园十分宽敞,员工从而能够在策划活动时最大程度地考虑安全性,  做到有趣与安全兼顾。操场根据学生进行户外活动的组别分为两块区域。在整个活动过程中,贯彻执行所有的卫生安全措施,例如保持身体距离,鼓励学生佩戴口罩和洗手。