Dear Parents and Guardians,

I’m writing to provide an update on the recent provincial government announcement regarding the re-opening of schools in September. The Ministry of Education has released its province-wide plan to bring the great majority of students back into the classroom starting in September. We are looking forward to welcoming our students and staff back into our schools for the 2020-2021 school year in a safe and measured way.

For details of the government plan announced by Minister of Education Rob Fleming and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, please see the links below:

BC government Return to School Website

Ministry of Education K-12 Restart Plan

District staff will continue to work through the summer as we analyze the Ministry Restart plan and prepare to welcome our students. There are a number of decisions to be made and we want to ensure that we take a thoughtful and careful approach. As always, our district remains committed to keeping the health and safety of our students, staff and families as our top priority. We will continue to take direction on these matters from provincial health experts and the Ministry of Education.

The provincial announcement included funding for school districts to enhance safety measures in our schools. These funds will be used for a variety of purposes including providing additional custodial staff and purchasing additional cleaning supplies and hand-washing stations where necessary. The Richmond Board of Education had already approved a significant increase to our custodial budget to enhance cleaning of all schools so we are confident that we will be ready to welcome our staff and students back into a safe and hygienic learning environment in September.

Understandably, you likely have many questions about what schools in Richmond are going to look like this fall. While we do not have all the answers at this time as the announcement has just been made, I want to reassure you that the Richmond School District will communicate with you as new information becomes available and as specific decisions are made prior to the start of the school year. You can anticipate hearing from us again in the middle of August, with a final plan for each school being prepared for August 26th. Additionally, as information becomes available, we will continue to post updates on our website and through social media.

While the district looks forward to welcoming our students back in the fall, I understand that for some, there may be some anxiety about returning to school. Please know that we will continue to navigate these challenges together with our focus remaining on the health safety and well-being of our community. As always, I thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate the latest direction from the provincial government.

In the meantime, I wish you and your loved ones a restful and enjoyable summer. Sincerely,

Scott Robinson
Superintendent of Schools





今天,我想就省府关于 9 月开学的新近公告向大家提供最新消息。 省教育厅近日公布全 省范围的计划 —— 从 9 月份开始,大部分学生将全面返校上课。 在 2020-2021 学年, 我们期待在安全和有措施准备的环境中迎接学生和教职员工返回学校。

如欲了解由省教育厅长 Rob Fleming 和省卫生官 Dr. Bonnie Henry 宣布的省府计划详 情,请参阅以下网页链接:


教育厅 K-12 年级学习重启计划

学区的工作人员将在整个夏天继续工作,认真解读卑诗省的重启计划,准备迎接学生的到 来。 我们将需要做出许多决定,同时我们希望能周到考虑,细心部署。与往常一样,我们的学 区始终致力于将学生,教职员工和家庭的健康安全作为优先考虑。我们将继续遵照省卫生 专家和教育厅的指引来执行各项卫生安全措施。

这次省府的公告计划包括为各学区拨款,用于加强学校环境的安全措施。款项将用于各种 用途,其中包括提供额外的学生照管人员,购买更多清洁设备,在必要时增设洗手站等。 列治文教育委员会已经批准大幅增加我们的托管预算, 以加强对所有学校的清洁措施。 因此,我们有信心我们能准备好, 在 9 月迎接教职员工和学生回到一个安全卫生的学习环 境。

可以理解,您可能会对列治文学校在秋季开学时呈现怎样的局面而产生各种疑问。尽管此 刻我们无法对所有的问题进行解答,因为政府近日刚刚发布公告,但我想向您保证,一旦 列治文学区获取到最新信息,在新学年开学前作出任何具体的决定,我们都会在第一时间 通知您。 您可期待在 8 月中旬再次收到我们的来信,各校的最终开学计划将会在 8 月 26 日确定落实。 此外 ,随着我们获取到更多信息,我们将继续在网站上和通过社交媒体发 布更新。

虽然学区期待在秋天到来之时迎接学生返回校园,但我了解到,对于某些家庭来说,仍会 对子女返回校园而产生一些焦虑。请家长们了解,我们将继续努力应对这些挑战,同时我 们会继续将重点置于健康安全和社区平安。一如既往地感谢您的耐心,让我们得以继续探 索及按照省府的最新指引方向进行工作部署。

与此同时,我衷心地祝愿您和您的家人度过一个轻松愉快的夏天! 此致,

Scott Robinson