Plan to safely bring K-12 students back to class full time

Enhanced safety measures and additional resources will enable most students in grades K-12 to return to school on Sept. 8, 2020, with full-time in-class learning as the province moves to Stage 2 of B.C.s Education Restart Plan.

"The classroom is an essential part of a childs social, academic and mental development, and thats why we are working hard to ensure students can safely spend the next school year with their teachers and classmates," said Rob Fleming, Minister of Education. "We were the only jurisdiction in Canada that brought students back into the classroom provincewide before the end of the school year and this has given us valuable information that we are using to develop our plans, ensuring health and safety at schools remain paramount."

On the advice of the provincial health officer, students will be organized into learning groups, a consistent group of staff and students. This will reduce the number of people each student or staff member will come into contact with, reducing the risk of transmission and ensuring quicker contact tracing by health authorities.

All boards of education and independent school authorities will continue to be required to implement a suite of health and safety measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, following the recently updated guidelines from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

"We know how important it is for children to be back in school to both support their emotional and mental health and their ability to socialize and to learn," said Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.s provincial health officer. "Being back in school is also crucial to support many parents in being able to work, but we must do it safely. We ask for families and workplaces to continue to be flexible as we come into the fall. Weve put a lot of thoughtful work and consideration into reopening schools this fall and in making sure were supporting children in ways that keep them, the people who teach them and our communities safe."

To support and ensure the health and safety of students and staff during this pandemic, a one- time investment of $45.6 million as part of the BC COVID-19 Action Plan will support school districts and independent schools for the start of the school year. This investment will ensure the increased cleaning of high-contact surfaces, increased number of hand-hygiene stations and the availability of masks upon request, among other safety measures.

Staff and students (or their parents/guardians) must also assess themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19. If any student or staff member has even mild symptoms, arrangements will be made for that person to return home.

The ministry is developing operational guidelines that will further assist school districts and independent schools with their planning for September. An education steering committee including teachers, parents, Indigenous rightsholders, support staff, principals and vice- principals, school trustees and the public health sector has also been established to identify best practices and find solutions to potential issues.

"B.C. will continue to keep a strong focus on science-based decisions as we learn to adjust the delivery of education during the COVID-19 pandemic," said Stephanie Higginson, president of the B.C. School Trustees Association. "Boards of education across the province will utilize updated health and safety measures, created on the advice of the provincial health officer, to ensure that students can continue to receive the social, emotional and academic supports provided by their community school during this critical time in education."

Families will hear from their school district or independent school throughout the summer with updated health and safety guidelines for elementary, middle and secondary schools, as well as learning groups, schedules, enrolment and registration information with the final details being submitted to the ministry and posted online by the districts on Aug. 26, 2020.

"The safety of students and staff is paramount and government will continue to make science- based decisions, following the expert advice of Dr. Henry and her public health team," Fleming said.


Andrea Sinclair, president, BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) 

BCCPAC thanks our dedicated board members who have worked on the different restart committees to ensure equity, inclusion, health and safety, and educational programming remain at the forefront in the planning for a return to school in September. Parents should feel assured that as things progress and evolve over the coming weeks, the Ministry of Education will be working directly with BCCPAC and our education partners to ensure student safety remains a top priority.

Paul Faoro, president, CUPE BC 

We are pleased to see the provincial government recognize the critical work our members do to keep schools clean, safe and inclusive. The additional investment of resources will help ensure the necessary level of custodians to ensure that schools are properly cleaned and that students and staff are safe in our schools. The June reopening of schools showed that under the guidance of provincial health officer Bonnie Henry, we can safely welcome students and staff back to schools in September. We look forward to continuing to work with the provincial government and all education partners to ensure were all ready for September.

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计划幼儿园至 12 年级学生全面安全复课
维多利亚— 随着卑诗省踏入教育重启计划第二阶段,在加强安全措施和提供额外资源的

前提下,大部份幼儿园至 12 年级学生均会于 9 月 8 日全面复课。

教育厅长范廉明(Rob Fleming)说:「课室是培育小孩社交、学术和心智发展的主要场 所,我们会竭尽所能,确保学生在下个学年可以在安全的情况下与老师和同学一同学习。 我们是加国唯一可以在上学年度结束前全省复课的省份。复课经验给我们很多宝贵资讯, 助我们作好部署,保持学校健康安全仍然是最重要的因素。」

按照省卫生官的建议,我们会把学生分成不同群组或学习群组。每一个群组均由固定的教 职员和学生组成。这样可以减少各师生的接触人数以及传播风险,亦可帮助卫生机构更迅 速追踪他们接触过的人。

所有教育局和私校机构均需遵照卑诗疾病控制中心近日调整的指引,继续执行整套卫生安 全措施,以减低新冠病毒的传播风险。

卑诗省卫生官 Bonnie Henry 医生说: 「我们知道,能重返学校对儿童的情绪、精神、社交 和学习各方面都很重要。小孩能重返学校, 亦能有助支援很多家长重回工作,但我们必 须要确保安全。当我们踏入秋季时,我们请求卑诗家庭和雇主继续保持弹性。为了在秋季 重开学校,我们作了很多细心部署和周详考虑,确保儿童、教师以及整个社区安全。」

为了在疫情期间推动和确保学生与教职员的卫生安全,教育厅在校区和私校因应卑诗新冠 病毒应急计划,投入 4,560 万元的一次性拨款,以应付开学需要。这笔款项分别用作更频 密清洁经常接触的表面、增设洗手站、在师生要求时提供口罩以及其他安全措施。

教职员和学生(或他们的家长/监护人)必须每日自行评估是否有新冠病毒征状。 如果有任何学生或职员即使只出现轻微征状,学校会安排他返家。

教育厅正制订学校运作守则,以进一步协助校区和私校部署九月份开学。另外,我们委派 老师、家长、原住民的有关代表、教务员、校长、副校长、学务委员会及公共卫生代表成 立一个教育督导委员会以制订最佳标准,并就可能出现的问题寻找方案。

卑诗学务委员协会(B.C. School Trustees Association)主席 Stephanie Higginson 表示: 「我们学 习在疫情期间如何在教学上作出调整,同时卑诗省会继续以科学为主要依据作出相关决 定。全省教育局将会使用根据省卫生官建议而更新的卫生安全措施,确保学生即使在教育 系统处于关键时刻,仍能在社交、情绪和学术等多方面获得学校的支援。」

卑诗家庭将会在这个夏季获得校区或私校提供初中、高中及小学的最新卫生安全指引、学 习群组、课堂时间表、收生及注册等资讯。校区将于 8 月 26 日前把所有细节呈上教育厅 并在网站上公布。

学生和教职员的安全是至为重要的,省府会继续以科学依据作决策,并遵守 Henry 医生和 她的卫生团队所提供的专业建议。

有关幼儿园至 12 年级重启计划详情,请浏览网站:

卑诗家长咨询委员会联盟(BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils,简称 BCCPAC)主

加拿大公共雇员工会(卑诗省) (CUPE BC)主席 Paul Faoro -

「我们很高兴看到省府认同 CUPE 会员在保持学校清洁、安全和包容所作出的贡献有多重 要。额外投入资源可以维系足够的人力,使学校设施得到适当的清洁,保障职员和学生安 全。六份重开学校,已显示我们可以在省卫生官 Bonnie Henry 的指引下,于九月份安全 欢迎师生返校。我们期待继续与省府和教育界的所有伙伴合作,为九月份作好一切准 备。」